Along with the growth of the organization, IIF focuses on the development of its human capital by recruiting the best talents at all levels, and strengthening the ability of these new employees with Project Finance knowledge that is rare and valuable in the marketplace.

Currently, IIF employees belong in the productive age group where the average staff are graduates from leading universities both domestic and international.

IIF strives to be the perfect organization for each individuals to nurture their careers and potentials. IIF has created a career path that is aligned with existing organization patterns and provides talent development programs for potential employees in certain fields. This is to ensure that selected individuals can fill future strategic positions in the company or to create specialists that would be able to improve IIF’s business performance.

Basic requirement fulfillment and evaluation of Key Performance Indicators’ achievements are the central tenets in developing our employees’ careers. From these results, IIF will conduct a series of developments to enable the employee to fulfil the position he / she is meant to.

IIF recruits employees by considering the qualifications that need to be demonstrated by each candidates without differentiating between sex, race, and religion. IIF provides equal opportunities for all candidates to be able to join and work in the company.

IIF’s key personnel turnover (for managers and above) in 2016 was 0%, demonstrating IIF’s Human Resources Department’s ability to develop appropriate and effective programs to mitigate external factors affecting personnel turnover.

In determining the remuneration of its employees, IIF follows the regulations and standard practices done in its industry. This is to ensure competitiveness and attractiveness of working in IIF.

IIF also provides grievance mechanisms on industrial relations, including whistleblowing mechanism as governed in the Company Regulations. IIF also conducts regular Performance Appraisal which includes direct coaching and conducts quarterly townhall meetings where management communicates the Company’s strategy and current conditions, as well as to receive inputs from its employees.

The following data are the categorization of the employees of IIF as of December 2016.

Distribution of Employees in IIF based on Age
Distribution of Employees in IIF based on Gender
Distribution of Employees in IIF based on Education Level