Long-Term Solution for Financing Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

IIF offers a variety of products, both fund based, non-fund based, and fee based services including syndication and financial advisory services, in order to meet the financing needs of infrastructure projects in Indonesia. As a catalyst in accelerating the infrastructure development in Indonesia, IIF has to ensure that its business strategy will complement existing players and instead fill the gap of need in the market.

Financing and Investment


IIF supports international and national project sponsors to develop both greenfield and brownfield projects, mainly through project finance structures. In terms of products, IIF provides senior loan, subordinated loan, mezzanine and equity investment in sectors stipulated in PMK 100/2009.

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Advisory Business

IIF also offers advisory services to the private sector and the Government of Indonesia for public sector advisory including for PPP projects.

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IIF focuses on financing and advising clients in eight sectors of infrastructure, ranging from transportation, drinking water, irrigation, telecommunication and informatics, road, wastewater, electricity and oil and gas.

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Managing the Funds of US$ 1 Billion for the Development of Infrastructure Projects in Indonesia

Currently, IIF has succeeded in reaching a milestone by managing the fund up to US$ 1 billion that has been distributed for the development of the infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

Some of these projects include syndicated loans for the construction of the Cikampek Paliman toll road for a period of 15 years with a total investment of around Rp 12.5 trillion, by involving 22 banks.

In the telecommunication sector, IIF provides financing for telecommunication companies (eg. Development of telecommunication towers). This loan is a part of a syndicated loan in which IIF plays a role as the mandated lead arranger and succeeded in attracting the syndication loan value equivalent to US$ 530 million from 33 onshore and offshore banks.

In the electricity sector, IIF has succeeded in financing three projects in the power generation by utilizing renewable energy such as gas fired power plant, hydro, and solar energy.

IIF is one of the member syndication in corporation with international financial institution for the refinancing of Hydro Power plant 2x90 MW with the total amount of US$ 154 million and a tenor of 15 years. On the other hand, IIF has also provided assistance in funding one of the largest Solar Power project in Indonesia located in Gorontalo with a tenor of 8 years.

In the oil and gas sector, IIF was selected as one of the four domestic financial institution to finance the expansion of LNG plant in Tangguh, West Papua. The project value is estimated to reach US$ 9.2 billion with total syndication value of US$ 3.8 billion and a 13 years tenor, involving a total of 17 financial institutions.

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Sustainable Business and Social and Environment

IIF has a philosophy that a sustainable business is inseparable from the sustainable environmental conditions. Therefore, through implementation of social and environmental principles and risk management that we own, IIF is aiming to become your long-term partner with the strong added value.

The Social and Environmental division of IIF is ready to accompany the borrower to assist in the risk appraisal and seek for the appropriate project completions, to increase its quality and to mitigate the social and environment risks.

For further information, please contact Social and Environtment Unit at sneteam@iif.co.id

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Company Overview

Focusing on Investing in Commercially Viable and Properly Structured Infrastructure Projects

With the support of strong shareholders, IIF is determined to be the catalyst for infrastructure development in Indonesia. IIF focuses on financing commercially viable and properly structured infrastructure projects in 8 (eight) sectors from transportation, drinking water, irrigation, road, wastewater, telecommunication and informatics, electricity, and oil and gas infrastructure.

IIF has various products and services with a competitive advantage of providing long-term, customized solutions, advisory services and international level of social and environment risk management.
In its business activities, IIF applies a holistic risk management approach that is based on 4 (four) main pillars: credit risk, portfolio and market risk, operational risk, know-your-customer and compliance risk as well as the social and environment risk management.

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Project Locations Map


  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    We are part of the Community and Environment

    IIF has a philosophy to nurture the balance in the development of infrastructure. Along with the increasing number of infrastructure projects being financed, social and environmental issues related with development will and always become IIF’s attention. IIF ensures sustainability in developing our business, to ensure positive impacts are created on the economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects, not only by projects financed by IIF, but also for the benefit of all stakeholders and the general population.

    This philosophy has been translated into The Eight Social and Environmental Principles of IIF. These eight principles provide guidance for IIF, clients, and other related parties in responding to the social and environmental issues by focusing on areas deemed most critical.

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  • Human Capital Development

    A Strong Global Orientation

    IIF realizes the significant factor of human capital. Therefore, IIF has policies to ensure that our employees develop to their potential, and implements equality in our policies without being biased to sex, race, religion, and social status.

    IIF has focused its efforts in recruiting the best talents at all levels to accelerate the development of the company, at the same time enhancing the ability of new employees with project finance knowledge that is unique and valuable in the marketplace.

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  • Office Relocation Announcement

    We are pleased to announce that effective from Thursday 5 th July, 2018, PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance shall be moving from our current office to the below address:

    Prosperity Tower, 53rd - 55th Floor
    District 8, Sudirman Central Business District, Lot 28
    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
    Jakarta 12190
    Telephone : +62 (21) 50826600
    Fax : +62 (21) 50826601

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